Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Final Presentation Details

Final Details
7 Group Presentations
Each group will spend no more than 20 minutes.
Expected Presentation Content
  • Reintroduce team
  • What is their business goals? What is the goals of their website and mobile?
  • Summarize your Personas
  • Describe your groups strategy for making their online and mobile experience successful
  • Include Strategies: Identity, Social Media, Design, Content, Mobile
  • Walk through Web Experience via common/critical tasks 
Meeting expectations....
  • Bring handouts and electronic versions of site and presentation for client and me
  • Be ready and on time; Have functional prototype and presentation cued up and ready to go
  • Have files/URLs for client available
  • Back up your design strategy
  • Continue to show how you listened to the client; show that you are smart
  • No sleeping, dozing, texting, checking email, working on your PPT while others are presenting
Groups who want A's....
  • Have well organized, navigable, thoughtful & compelling design solutions for the client
  • Act and speak as a team; Spread out speaking points
  • Back up Strategy with Research (secondary or primary);Utilize topics from class/readings
  • Manage their time appropriately

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