Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Prep for Nov 14 "Bring a Friend Day"

Prep for Nov 14
  1. Bring a Friend Day - Yes, each group will now need to bring 1 friend. Ideally, someone: (1) who has no idea what the project is and (2) someone close to your persona, (3) someone without design experience
  2. Ask friends to particpate from 6:15-8:00 (or earlier)
  3. Clients will be here
  4. I'll ask general information about each person for everyone to take notes
  5. We'll conduct 1-1 Usability Testing Sessions, clients will observe only. You will be testing the interactive prototypes of the website, but bring mobile. 
  6. After the session we'll "Triage" - each group will highlight (1) common problems they observed, (2) a-ha!s, (3) behavior themes (not neccessarily problems)
  7. (I will bring snacks)
General Information (I'll ask to all friends at once)
I'll ask them to write their answers on a piece of paper. This will avoid having to ask the questions time and again

  • What's your profession?
  • Comfort level with using the internet (beginner, moderate, expert)
  • Amount of time/day you spend on the intranet?
  • What type of things/activities do you normally do on the intranet? (excluding smartphone)
  • Do you own a smartphone?
  • If so, what are typical websites you access from your smart phone?
  • How much time do you spend on the intranet on your smartphone?
  • Have you ever suspected of having bed bugs in your house/apartment?
  • If so, what did you do to confirm they were bed bugs?
  • If not, what would you immediately do to confirm they were bed bugs?
  • If you were on the internet, what would you search for to find out ways of confirming?
  • Are you aware of businesses that can help detect bed bugs?

Usability Testing Sessions
  • First question should be 'What do you think the purpose of this site is?'
  • Prepare 10 task-specific questions. (we can discuss some of these)
  • Essential question at end: Would you reccomend this site to others?
  • Essential question at end: What would you expect a mobile version of this site to be? (show yours) does this match your expectations?
  • One person ask questions, the others take notes - ROTATE
  • Avoid leading questions
  • No pointing
  • Don't feel you have to answer their questions, use: "what do YOU think it should do?"
  • Use "Is that what you'd expect?"

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