Monday, November 26, 2012


Testimonial 1

Four Paws was professional and efficient, their company was just what we needed.  We have treated our library three times in 4 months and before we gave in to another treatment, we asked Four Paws K-9 Detection to come in and use their services.  Their beagle, Marley, did her job well and detected bed bugs in our library.  Marley is a tender, gentle dog!  We had Marley inspect other classrooms and there were no other hits.  If there was going to be a hit, it was our library and Marley proved her keen sense of smell was right on target.  It has put our minds at ease in that we do not have a widespread problem.  We will be following up with their services again after our next treatment.  I would highly recommend their services to anyone who is in doubt whether they have bed bugs before they spend a lot of money on treatment.


Jill Smith, Treasurer

Jefferson Local Schools 



Testimonial 2

Four Paws has been a pleasure to work with.  Not only are Kelly and Annie experts at what they do, but they also are compassionate people who have a genuine interest in helping others.  They understand how frustrating it can be to deal with this issue.  From my experience, they have always been flexible to meet our scheduling needs, thorough with their inspections, and available if we have questions or concerns.  Thank you for the important work you do – you are helping so many people to get their homes and businesses back in order and restore their peace of mind.


-J.F., Columbus, OH



Testimonial 3

Our company is based in New York City and we were referred to Four Paws K-9 Detection, LLC to use them as a sub-contractor for one of our clients. From day one Kelly and Annie have been extremely helpful.  Their prompt response to any email or call sent their way makes it very easy for me to make my client happy. Once an inspection is completed the handler on site sends a detailed report immediately.  This allows me to communicate the results to our client before they even ask.  Typically we request that inspections be done in the middle of the night and it does not phase them at all.   They have far exceeded our expectations. I have never been to Ohio, but I feel like I have friends there. 


-Kelly Gonsalves, Assured Environments, NY.


Testimonial 4

Four Paws has helped my family feel at ease about checking for bed bugs!  Kelly Robbins is always prompt, efficient and professional.  I love that I can count on Kelly and Four Paws for reliable service every time.  I highly recommend Four Paws!


Cincinnati Oh

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